Gifted & Talented

MSP gifted & Talented

Multi Sport Pro are delighted to launch our brand new Gifted and Talented Initiative for 2017-2018.

In partnership with The University of Lincoln, MSP has created the ultimate elite sport experience for young people who are recognised by schools as being Gifted & Talented in PE and School sport.

This exclusive experience provides pupils with an insight into the world of elite sports performance whilst accessing the state of the art Human Performance Laboratories at the University of Lincoln.

Pupils will participate in a number of workshops including, psychology, nurtition, biomechanics, and analysis of performance delivered by expert sports science professionals.

This initiative provides selected pupils of sporting promise at your school with learning, knowledge and support to help them achieve their full sporting potential. The initiative is a high impact program based on three one-day visits to the human performance Centre. Each pupil will complete their own handbook, which they can use to help support them as they strive for sporting success.

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