Arrows Archery

The Arrows Archery program has been designed to allow children in primary schools to get a flavor of Archery whilst keeping the activity as safe as possible. This ‘mini’ version of archery with child friendly equipment allows primary school children to start playing quickly and easily. Our coaches will provide a series of structured lessons over a half term period which will include competitions and tournaments. The equipment allows the progam to be delivered in almost any setting within a school.

The lessons will be taught through fun activities rather than technical instruction. The activities enable Arrows Archery to become a fantastic tool in encouraging learning across different areas, most notably maths through scoring. The lessons are flexible enough to be adapted to the ability and age of the group. Archery provides an exciting and alternative way of developing movement skills as well as personal, social and psychological skills.

It is a great way of motivating children and developing their self esteem and motor skills including eye to hand coordination skills. Archery can help children to concentrate and develop their classroom based skills.

Children will only require their normal PE kit to take part successfully in the Arrows Archery Program.


What people say about our work

  • We have built Archery into our curriculum as additional PE time to support the development of resilience which we believe is crucial to academic success and the development of the individual. All of our children have absolutely loved archery and are disappointed when it has not been their turn. The equipment enables a whole class to take part at once but we have tailored the program to enable our children to work in smaller groups and receive more personalised instruction. We have seen rapid improvements from a range of children and have seen children engaged in the activity that are normally harder to engage when it comes to PE.

    Naomi Weavers, St Michales Thorpe on the hill primary school

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