Competition Network

Competition Network

The MSP Competition Network is a service utilised by schools to provide their pupils with the opportunity to compete in inter school competitions, fixtures and sports festivals.

MSP build a bespoke competition calendar to meet the needs and requirements of a cluster of schools aiming to promote and raise the profile of competitive sport within their schools.

MSP will organise and run every aspect of the competitions so you can just attend , encourage and enjoy watching your pupils represent the school.

MSP will provide the following for all Competitions:

  • A suitable local venue to hold the competition
  • All events and Equipment
  • Staff to demonstrate and score events
  • Certificates for all competitors
  • Medals for 3rd 2nd and 1st placed teams
  • A Trophy for the winning school

Schools Enquiry Form

Impact Zone

The NEST Cluster is a group of four schools who use the MSP competiton network to organise and run competitive events at their local secondary school.

North Scarle Primary School, Eagle community primary school, Swinderby church of England Primary School and St Michaels Thorpe on the Hill Primary School attend 3 competitions throughout the year to provide opportunities for all their year groups to take part in competitive sport.

The events are always well structured, enjoyable, multi skilled and competitive. The events underline to characteristics the schools wish to promote: challenge, sportsmanship, teamwork, inclusion and a healthy and positive lifestyle
Intra School Competition

MSP can support your school in organising competitive sport within your school. This can be achieved in a number of ways for example house matches or sports festivals for specific years groups or key stages. MSP can provide all the required equipment and run the events on your site and provide the support staff required.


Ofsteds Justification of spend document highlights how increasing opportunities for competitive sport is a great way of justifying part of your sport premium funding.

Competitive sport leads to academic benefits and should be built into a school’s ethos, according to chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw.

It is clear that a commitment to sporting excellence often reflects a culture of high expectations and achievement in the school as a whole. Schools that win on the field win in the exam hall.

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