The playmaker award

A PlayMaker Award is Leadership program endorsed by Sports Leaders UK designed for primary school children 9+ years old.

The award aims to help learners develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping to build confidence and self-esteem as they take on the responsibility of assisting in leading their peers and younger children.

By the end of the course, the pupils will have developed the required skills to set up simple games and/or activities and gain increased confidence when assisting in leading small groups of peers or younger children under direct supervision.

The Playmaker award provides training and support to link in to a sustainable lunch time and breaktime activities program which can benefit a whole school approach to an active, safe and engaging lunchtime.

What's included
  • Participants will focus on the four core areas of leadership – Participants, Area, Communication and Equipment.
  • Includes access to comprehensive resources which are easy to use.
  • Leadership challenges give ideas on how PlayMakers can put their basic leadership skills into practice after the course.
  • Additional recognition of achievement through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Outstanding Achievement certificates.
  • Supports Key Stage 2 curriculum for English, physical education, PSHE and citizenship.
  • Certificates will be awarded once learners have completed the core elements of the PlayMaker Award.


What people say about our work

  • In terms of the Playmaker award, I would say that it has really developed our children in terms of their leadership skills and having the ability to lead whilst still maintaining core sporting values and promoting these throughout all activities planned for in their lunchtime and breaktime sessions. It has been brilliant to see that children who are not necessarily the most ‘sporty’ have taken part in the Playmaker award and have shown increased confidence. When you walk out on to the playground now, you see active playtimes and this is lead predominantly by the children who have been trained and have received the Playmaker award.

    Samantha Evans | Deputy Headteacher Morton Trentside Primary School

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